ALTEN, a land of opportunities


A Company of Engineers for Engineers

At ALTEN we have this motto, “A Company of Engineers for Engineers”. This is a sentence we usually share with candidates applying for the team. It is a short sentence that means a lot for the culture of our organization since it relates to our mission and the reason why we exist as a company. Suppose you are a newcomer to the labour market finishing say, a Mechanical Engineering degree. You will send multiple CVs to a set of companies you would like to join, sooner or later you will start performing interviews and later will get a position, possibly not permanent. You start with all your energy assimilating each day in the job, and after the first year, you might face a dilemma. You would like to experiment more… different roles, different projects, even different industries. But you must go back to the job-seeking process followed by interviews and you know the interviewers will raise questions regarding the reasons why you want to shift your position before 2 years in the current role.

ALTEN exists to allow Engineers having the opportunity to engage in multiple projects, clients and industries, without the constraints detailed above. We exist to be a career accelerator for Engineers, by hiring Engineers with permanent contracts to our team and assigning them to projects with short/medium/large duration in all clients, in all industries. Our Engineers work with us because they find in ALTEN a playground where they can work for six months in one project, and move forward to the next project, and to the next, and to the next… so they can collect experiences and become more valuable in a shorter period of time.

Going back to the initial description, if you had joined ALTEN from the beginning, over the following 5 years you would have probably experience projects in three distinct clients, thus being exposed to different businesses, departments, roles, processes and corporate cultures. This is the receipt to accelerate one’s career.

ALTEN brings to Portugal a business model fine-tuned over the last 30 years, where we structure Business Units per sector (Automotive, Aeronautics, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, ICT, etc.)  with multiple Business Managers having themselves an engineering background, in many situations coming from the ALTEN’s engineering team. These Business Managers have only one mission, finding new projects for our Engineers across all sectors and all clients.

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