Humans of ALTEN: Rita

Humans of ALTEN

What is your job in the Company?

I am a Life Sciences Consultant. At the moment I’m at HOVIONE, in the validation group.



In this area (pharma) is easy to accommodate to one place, ALTEN gives me the opportunity to explore the industry market and takes me out of my comfort zone. I believe that working at ALTEN will make me grow as a pharma professional and let me open my horizons.


What do you expect from ALTEN?

More knowledge, more experience and career progression


Three positive aspects of ALTEN Group are:

  • It´s an international company
  • Makes us be in a continuous learning process
  • Takes us out of our comfort zone


Would you recommend the Company to a friend of yours? Why?

Yes, of course! As I said before, I think ALTEN gives us the possibility to learn more and experience different type of jobs (inside your area) and that is great!