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Meet Marco, he is a Network Consultant at ALTEN Portugal. His experience and talent have brought him to the Company as a result of a professional progression in his career.

My name is Marco and I come from Trofa, Portugal. I have worked doing “a bit of everything”, which helped me to grow as a professional, giving me many responsibilities. In the following years, thanks to my experience, I had management positions at my last job.

What is your role at ALTEN?

I’ve started at ALTEN on December as a Network Consultant. The aim of the project I’m following is to give support to the change of all network devices from the current, to a local vendor, so the customer complies with the required policies without losing any functionality or compromises security.

Why did you choose our company to work?

Becoming a consultant was a natural progression in my career. ALTEN is a leader Company in my sector, so it gave me all the reasons I needed to embrace this new challenge. I’m sure that ALTEN will give me the possibility to take part in several projects and to improve my skills. I like the idea of learning from our customers and being helpful to them.

What do you think is the most important technological challenge nowadays?

Most of the time data security has been ignored. Generally, many Companies consider only physical or virtual perimetric security or even none. Fortunately, due to GDPR and data breaches on the news, we’re starting to awake for the need to embrace a mindset of security first. But there is still much to be done.

What are the things you value the most at work?

I like working in a remarkable Company which has interesting challenges. In addition, I also appreciate the fact that the Company values my opinion and my work. This allows me to do good work thanks to a balanced time and resources, so we can plan, test, implement and document before closing a project.

What are your greatest strengths?

I’m flexible and I like to know a bit about everything. This allows me to better understand and make more informed decisions on the projects that I am involved in. Company goals and customer satisfaction are very important to me. I like to work with talented co-workers to find solutions to any roadblock that we might encounter.

Tell us more about you, Marco. Do you have any hobbies or talents?

I like any outdoor activity from walking, canoeing, off-road, bicycling or simply geocaching. I also like to help local groups like schools, parent’s associations and others.

How would you enjoy a day-off?

I like any activity as long as my family is with me and enjoying it.

What goals do you want to achieve in a short time?

I’d like to do some courses to refresh my French, TCL and ethical hacking. I believe they will help me with my current project.

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