Sometimes, we have to work harder to gain trust

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Product Owner in Naturgy.


Unfortunately, the world of application development is still a mostly male world. Even though, as Ana says, “a woman has great qualities and much to contribute” but sometimes it could be a challenge.


For more than six years, Ana has been working as a senior consultant at Naturgy. Currently, her position is Product Owner in a project of maintenance and evolution of an application called PGA (Platform for Water Management). Although this is a job she is passionate about, reaching this position has not been easy, it has been the result of a lot of dedication and effort.

Ana’s professional beginnings go back to her university period when she studied law because she wanted to be able to defend other people. She considered it a “wild card” career to be able to develop in many other areas. Ana remembers this period as a time when she focused on learning in the workplace: “studying law gives you a lot of experience in working with different teams and departments, developing an attitude of dialogue between everyone and a more functional vision of developments”. During this stage, she was able to learn a lot about the importance of teamwork, which is fundamental in her current position.

When Ana started looking for jobs, felt that being a woman was an added challenge. Unfortunately, the world of application development is still a mostly male world, even though, as Ana says, “women have great qualities and much to contribute”. The biggest problem is that sometimes women’s opinions are not valued or not considered, so they have to make an extra effort to gain the trust of those around them. Ana thinks it is important that women occupy positions of responsibility and she believes that they have the same skills as men in the execution of work.

Currently, Ana is focused on her project of maintenance and evolution of the PGA application. This application is intended to manage the daily maintenance of the reservoirs for maximum use of the water when generating energy, through the turbine of the discharges. Moreover, it is also used for decision making at critical moments. This project is carried out using Agile methodologies, promoting an environment of continuous improvement and controlled resolution, with fortnightly deliveries. The main objective of our partner, in the short term, is to implement new functionalities for the monitoring of the Duratón and Alberche basins.

We are sure that Ana will achieve all the objectives she sets herself. She has proved to be a woman who stands out for facing any challenge with courage and determination.


Thank you for being a member of our family, Ana! Read more stories like hers, on our section of Women at ALTEN.


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