Catarina: “There are still many areas that are not yet reachable due to the fact that we are women”

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Catarina works at ALTEN as Life Science Consultant. We talked to her about the role of women in today’s world of work. Don´t miss her opinion!

 Why did you decide to study your degree?

I studied a degree in Analytical Chemistry. Since I was a kid I always liked everything related to science, I got to have a microscope and several laboratories sets.

What does your project consist of?

My project consists of reviewing analytical packages: raw materials, final product, stability and validations. I review analytical validation packages when the product needs to be analysed for quality control, raw materials that are used in production, final products that are then sold to customers to produce the medicines and stability where the validity periods that are given are controlled.

Have you found difficulties or obstacles because you are a woman?

In this case, my career is clearly more associated with women, but this trend is clearly changing. I found many difficulties because, at the time, it was an area with many women, there was always a preference for all applications from men. I didn’t find help, so I had to try to differentiate myself as best I could to get where I am today.

What would you -as a woman- say is the biggest challenge you have faced in your job?

There continues to be a strong preference for men for higher / senior positions regardless of whether there is a woman with more knowledge and skills. I think the role of women is the most important because I believe that we are more focused and determined

Do you think we -as society- are moving forward?
I think that as a society we are moving forward however it is not being fast enough because today, 21st century, there is still a lot of gender discrimination. As women we continue to receive less for the same job and there are still many areas that are not yet reachable due to the fact that we are women.


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