ALTEN is currently expanding a team in Portugal that intends to become a reference in Engineering Services applied to shop-floor and R&D development.

To do so, we are hiring Engineers with experience in distinct disciplines such as Hardware and Software Development, Embedded Systems, V&V, Cybersecurity, Process Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, Maintenance Engineering, Quality Engineering, Structural Analysis and Design Engineering. This kind of skills is allowing us to engage for instance with clients from the Automotive, Railway, Energy and Industry sectors.

We currently count with several projects focused on hardware and software development for various industries, that help our clients to fast-track their R&D efforts. We are also supporting OEM’s and Tier 1 in Project Management, Requirements Analysis and Quality Engineering. On the railway, we count with projects of Mechanical Design Engineering and V&V activities that are upgrading the nation’s railway systems to incorporate the latest security standards.

Where it comes to Product Development, we are supporting two projects of a Tier-1 supplier in Germany using Embedded Systems applied to an AUTOSAR architecture. These projects allow us to develop local expertise in a specific area of embedded systems design for which there is an important demand in Europe, and not so many available engineers in the market. Considering these activities can be deployed remotely, this is quite an interesting offer to keep investing in.

We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the whole chain of value. Let us know how we can help your company.


Project Management Product Management Operational Excellence Process & Industrialization Engineering Maintenance Automation Engineering Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering
Mechanical Design Product Analysis Embedded Systems Technical SW
Project & Shop-Floor
Network & Engineering
Network Engineering Design Network Optimization Quality of Services & Performance Network Operations Technical Support Process Automation

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