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ALTEN is currently expanding a team in Portugal that intends to become a reference in Engineering Services applied to shop-floor and R&D development.

To do so, we are hiring Engineers with experience in distinct disciplines such as: Process Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, Maintenance Engineering, Quality Engineering, Structural Analysis, Design Engineering, Hardware Development, Embedded Systems and V&V. This kind of skills is allowing us to engage for instance with clients from the Automotive sector.

As one example of these kinds of projects we are currently deploying a project with a Tier-1 client in Portugal, where we have 20 Engineers supporting activities related with the technological transfer of a manufacturing site from Germany to Portugal. We have mainly Project Managers, Process Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers and Supply Chain Engineers involved in a project that will have a huge boost in the production capacity of this Tier-1 in Portugal once finished.

The second example more related with Product Development, would be the deployment of two projects with a Tier-1 in Germany using Embedded Systems applied to an AUTOSAR architecture. These projects allow us developing local expertise in a specific area of embedded systems design for which there is an important demand in Europe, and not so many available engineers in the market. Considering these activities can be deployed remotely, this is quite an interesting offer to keep investing in.

Needless to the examples above relate to Automotive but the TECHNO offer is being successfully applied to other industries such as Aeronautics, Energy, Metalwork, etc.


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