Consultants, you are the builders of tomorrow’s world! Join the home of endless possibilities

At ALTEN, we are convinced that engineers are the architects who are building tomorrow’s world today.

We believe that innovation is meaningful when it has a positive impact over time and on people’s lives. That it why we accompany you, give you responsibilities, and empower you to always stay one step ahead – giving you all the keys to support our clients and partners in their technological and sustainable transformation.




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“ALTEN has became the perfect vehicle to transform my career from a stagnant one into one of dynamic, enthralling and awe inspiring progress. With a focus on investing on their consultants I’ve never felt like I’m not contributing to an ever evolving team. To me ALTEN means a new avenue of growth and an opportunity to fully develop myself as a full fledged consultant.”

Luis – Engineering Consultant

“Joining ALTEN is an opportunity to immerse myself in a dynamic world of discoveries and stimulating challenges. Daily learning will be the essence of this journey. Each project will be a unique opportunity to apply my skill set, while I am constantly challenged to evolve. I am fully aware that my experience will be a significant contribution to this partnership. I am excited to face the challenges that the future holds, knowing that each obstacle is an opportunity for growth.”

Sonia – Life Sciences Consultant

ALTEN supports you at every stage of your career

Your onboarding process

As soon as you arrive, you take part in an induction event, the “Integration Event”, run by the Development Department. This is where you meet other employees and begin to build your professional network. During your first year, managerial follow-up is part of a specific programme, marked by regular progress reviews.

Management of your skills

We support our consultants’ assumption of responsibilities through specific in-house training courses dedicated to our project managers, specialists and experts. Topics covered include workpackage management, assertiveness and influence, cross-functional management, etc. Our Experts also offer certification courses to enhance your skills in a range of technical areas.

Your development opportunities

Your manager will schedule regular follow-up meetings to ensure that your assignment is running smoothly. An annual interview is also organised to agree on your professional objectives, draw up a development roadmap and a training plan. Four career paths are available: project management, expertise, business or support functions.

Live the international experience!

ALTEN offers great international career opportunities to talented candidates. Throughout the world, our employees carry out large-scale projects for prestigious customers and play an active role in the Group’s development. International operations now account for more than 60% of the Group’s total business and are growing steadily.

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