At ALTEN, we want to make the work of all the women in our company visible.

We present you a series of articles about the trajectory, experience and current projects of many of the women who work in ALTEN. Stories of struggle, overcoming, and commitment. Stories that demonstrate the value of our consultants and highlight the extra effort that, in many cases, they have to make to obtain this recognition.

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“Many women have found themselves being the only people of their gender in teams and in meetings, where people make important decisions.”

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“We are able to overcome the difficulties, to be very professional and competent and so highly respected”.

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“When I started working in Peru, I was the only woman in the office: although now there are more and more women working as engineers”

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Mª Carmen

Women have an innate capacity for multitasking, we are very executive. We manage to carry out all professional and personal projects