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Preserving informational assets has become a major concern for private and public entities, whether they are industrial or governmental. The constant pressure of cyber threats pushes organizations to enhance the resilience of their infrastructures and further protect the privacy of their employees, users, or clients. 

To enable its clients to be prepared for any eventuality, ALTEN offers a comprehensive cybersecurity offering that encompasses consulting, protection, intrusion detection, and threat response services, organized into 5 specialized pillars: 

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance 
  • Cybersecurity Solutions Integration & Protection 
  • Audits and Intrusion Testing (Pentest) 
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) 
  • Application Security and the SecDevOps approach 

Developing skills and safety by design

Faced with the increasing number of cyber-attacks, organizations have growing cybersecurity needs. To meet their demands and address the talent shortage, it is essential to focus on continuous training and skill development when recruiting professionals. 

To tackle these challenges, ALTEN has established dedicated cybersecurity practices to support its consultants, promote the development of their expertise, and maintain a high level of proficiency. Led by our specialists, these practices equip all our consultants with the tools to stay at the forefront of knowledge. 

Our expertise

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Identify, understand and reduce cyber risks

Through meticulous cyber activity audits, ALTEN supports its clients in identifying and evaluating risks to their information systems. Our GRC experts identify vulnerabilities, define potential threats, and ensure the protection of sensitive assets. To prevent any compromise risks, they assist companies in establishing cybersecurity governance, ensuring compliance with applicable standards, and guaranteeing business resilience in the event of an attack through concrete actions: 

  • Risk surface analysis based on recognized security standards (EBIOS RM, ISO 27005) 
  • Support for the launch of complex projects 
  • Definition of strategic directions and roadmap 
  • Structuring of your cyber activities in compliance with regulations (ISO 27001, LPM, PCI-DSS) 
  • Implementation of remediation plans 
  • GRC As A Service: risk monitoring on-demand, project by project 

Protection & Integration

Protect critical infrastructures

Information systems are growing, becoming more complex; and diverse. To keep up with these changes, it is necessary to implement and operate suitable and constantly evolving security solutions. 

ALTEN assists you in implementing and managing your security tools to protect your IT and industrial assets. In a controlled Zero Trust approach and in line with your operational constraints, our cybersecurity engineers and architects work to design, implement, and operate the most appropriate security solutions to protect our clients’ information systems. 

Audits and penetration testing (Pentest)

Protect critical infrastructures

To better understand your risk exposure and reduce the attack surface, ALTEN offers penetration tests and tailored red team exercises for your specific challenges, across all your IT or OT assets, with a personalized approach: 

  • Campaign management and reporting tailored to different levels of the organiszation 
  • Collaboration with the SOC team in a Purple Team format 
  • Implementation of a compliance dashboard and remediation tracking 

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Monitor your sensitive assets day and night

ALTEN supports its customers in developing, integrating or strengthening a Security Operations Centre (SOC) within their company. Our L1, L2 and L3 SOC analysts are involved in setting up infrastructures, defining, implementing and updating analysis rules and integrating tools dedicated to monitoring endpoints such as EDR/MDR and monitoring new threats. 

ALTEN provides its customers with several types of profiles and skills:  

  • SOC Leads: Experienced SOC managers organise and manage the SOC organisation 
  • SOC analysts: L1, L2 and L3 analysts work within the internal SOC teams. 
  • SOC integrator: Network and security experts assist their customers with the creation and deployment of their SOC, from setting up sensors and collecting logs to updating SIEM rules.  
  • Tools experts: Creation of scripts and tools to facilitate the activities of SOC teams and improve their efficiency.  


Secure your applications right from the design stage 

The SecDevOps approach enables security to be integrated right from the start of software development. This preventive approach reduces the risk of security flaws and the cost of correcting them later. 

ALTEN offers a comprehensive approach to deploying a SecDevOps methodology, acculturating your teams and rapidly improving your security posture, based on the major stages of the process: 

  • Maturity audit  
  • Threat modelling 
  • On-demand code review 
  • Implementation of a codified SecDevOps process with tools