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An Embedded System integrates software and hardware designed to provide features that are often critical and to meet real-time constraints.

Thanks to our know-how and experience, our offer covers all sectors and complies with all standards, such as DO178 (avionics), EN50128 (rail), EN62304 (medical) or ISO26262 (automotive). Our engineers have the skills needed to handle all the stages involved in the software development of an embedded system. 

The move towards connectivity and autonomy

Whatever their field of application, embedded systems are increasingly connected and autonomous, imposing major technological challenges and new IT security requirements in markets that are highly constrained in terms of cost and time-to-market. 

ALTEN supports you in the embedded development of your products, advising you on the integration of new technologies. Embedded software development is becoming increasingly complex, and access to an ecosystem rich in innovative technologies and services will accelerate the digitalisation of systems. We bring you all our expertise to meet these challenges. 

Innovating – Designing – Testing – Advising

Our expertise

 Playing an active role in innovation

To support the development of sustainable solutions

The growth in the development of increasingly automated, safe and connected systems is accompanied by an increase in the complexity of embedded software. In light of environmental challenges and in pursuit of ALTEN’s commitment to developing sustainable solutions, the Innovation Department (DIN) is conducting research aimed at developing ways to integrate new technologies (artificial intelligence, Robot Operating System, Over-The-Air, 5G, cybersecurity, etc.) into an overall eco-design approach. 

Predictive maintenance operations in a factory 4.0 

With its “Perfecto 2022 EcoIoT4.0” project, ALTEN, in partnership with SIEMENS DI CS and Greenspector, has won the ADEME 2022 call for projects. The project focuses on the implementation of a measurement and eco-design tool for a global solution (Hardware and Software) and its experimentation for the eco-design of an intelligent sensor, in order to carry out predictive maintenance operations on cutting tools in a factory 4.0. Optimising these processes, avoiding breakdowns, making gains on the wear and tear of these tools as well as on energy consumption are the main objectives targeted, with a concrete application in the factories of a leading partner in the aeronautical industry.  

Improving the design of your embedded software

To master software design activities

The development of embedded software involves several stages: the generation of a specification based on a functional requirement, followed by coding and implementation, in a context of very tight real-time constraints.

Thanks to our expertise, we apply new methodologies to the development of embedded software (continuous integration, MBSE, MBD, for example). We also promote agility to increase flexibility and improve product development times.

Development of critical embedded software for telecommunications and observation satellites

ALTEN has supported its clients since 2008 in the development of critical embedded software for satellites for telecommunications and for the observation of the Earth from space, whether within the framework of scientific, military or satellite sector design programmes. 

The organisation of these activities through a dedicated service centre enables ALTEN to manage all the design and validation processes for software modules in total independence, whether they are linked to components of the payload, the platform or the control and guidance system. In particular, ALTEN implemented MBD throughout the design phase.

Continuous development of the test strategy

To ensure the software designed meets your requirements and needs

In all our activities, we are constantly seeking to improve our testing strategy, to allow us to test the solution ever more quickly. To achieve this, we favour certain areas of expertise, such as Test-Driven Development (TDD): modelling enables us to identify use cases and test the product at a very early stage. As part of our drive to reduce lead times, we are also promoting automation.

The development of a driver assistance system

ALTEN has been working with a German car manufacturer since 2017 on the development of a driver assistance system (ADAS) based on a latest-generation camera. ALTEN set up virtual tests when defining the validation strategy for automated driving systems, so that validation could begin as early as possible in the development cycle. ALTEN’s ability to quickly put together several teams in Germany, Morocco and Poland was a determining factor in the success of this project.

Advising you at every stage of development

To advise you on development processes and ensure that the methods used comply with the standard

Thanks to our multi-sector position, we have an overview of the different norms and an excellent knowledge of standards, along with coding rules or best practices. We can advise you on the best development processes and on the architecture of the software itself. 

AUTOSAR deployment

ALTEN, Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR consortium, advises and supports numerous companies in the deployment or migration of AUTOSAR. 
ALTEN’s centre of excellence in Germany has in-depth knowledge of the AUTOSAR standard, thanks to a long-standing collaboration with leading companies and recognised expertise in consulting and development of both the classic and adaptive platforms.

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