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Today, our environment is more project-oriented than ever. Organisations that want to create and add value need to improve their project- and programme-delivery capabilities. The unprecedented changes facing them require greater agility and change management to become more effective.

Helping you make your projects a success 

New technologies, ever-changing regulations, increasingly complex challenges…all these factors contribute to make projects more complex. Internationalisation is another, as projects now involve teams from different parts of the world who need to be coordinated so that their contributions can be orchestrated into a greater whole.  

ALTEN Group offers a comprehensive, end-to-end range of services. The combination of consulting and operational PMO capabilities within a single partner ensures that our customers’ initial ideas are fully taken into account, that communication and coordination around their projects are optimised, and that each new challenge that arises is managed with flexibility. 

Operations – Transformation – Skills

A close-up of MI-GSO I PCUBED, ALTEN’s subsidiary specialising in Project Control and Project Management Office

For more than 25 years, MI-GSO | PCUBED, a subsidiary of the ALTEN Group since 2003, specialising in Project Control and PMO, has been supporting large companies in carrying out their projects and programmes in all business sectors. MI-GSO | PCUBED works with customers in manufacturing, public administration and finance in their R&D, IT and Transformation projects. 

Every day, MI-GSO | PCUBED brings its excellence, creativity and pragmatism to offer customers a wide range of services to make their innovations and transformation plans a success. 

Our expertise

Operations PMO

Support you in implementing your Product / Process / IT projects

What is the PMO’s role?  

  • Leads and coordinates project stakeholders 
  • Collects, uses and verifies data to support better decision-making 
  • Proposes and manages action plans 
  • Analyses and anticipates overruns 
  • Ensures QCDP criteria are met: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Performance 

Case study

For more than 10 years, we have supported a wide range of players in all sectors of activity. For example, we act as Operations PMO for projects involving the development, production and support of multi-axis QCDP communications systems. 

 Transformation PMO

Support you in implementing organisational transformation projects

We know that change management is sometimes difficult to implement within an organisation. MI-GSO | PCUBED is eager to tackle its customers’ challenges. As experienced professionals, we understand the challenges of change management and are ready to work with you to overcome them. You can count on our expertise to support you throughout the change process.

MI-GSO | PCUBED supports its customers’ transformation projects by focusing on the human aspect of organisational change to create an environment conducive to transformation. 

In addition to its role as Operations Project Management Officer (PMO), it: 

  • Structures and updates QCDP management data 
  • Encourages agility, draws up progress plans  
  • Engages project stakeholders, secures adoption and manages the risks inherent in the transformation 
  • Relies on management support/sponsorship 
  • Generates rapid, sustainable, performance-driven results 

Case study

For over 5 years, we have supported our customer in their wide-ranging digital transformation programme to offer a new approach to the design, manufacture and maintenance of its products. Multi-axis QCDP, change management and Agile methods.  

Capability PMO

Support you in transforming the PMO/Project Control profession

The role of Capability PMO is to: 

  • Diagnose and improve project management maturity using a 365-degree systems approach: stakeholders, processes, tools, organisation.  
  • Make projects a success by intervening at the definition stage and establishing the appropriate project environment, deliverables and objectives as well as the appropriate control governance to properly monitor the project 
  • Develop and deliver training courses to support our customers in improving the maturity of their PM organisation and/or developing their employees’ skills 

Case study

MI-GSO | PCUBED supports project management professionals at one of its customers to assist with the AGILE transformation of its development activities. We were asked to support the project management business line in identifying the impact of going from a traditional V-model of product development to a totally AGILE development paradigm. The objective was twofold: to define the target operating model for the PMO business and to support the PMO teams in the PoC/pilot phase.