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The quality assurance approach provides essential support for all the company’s departments, and is a key consideration when making decisions.

At a time when there is growing awareness of the cost of “non-quality”, whether in terms of the financial impact or the negative impact on the company’s image, the major challenge is to become more efficient in your approach in order to optimise costs and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Faced with these challenges, ALTEN supports its customers to make project, product and programme quality more efficient.

Keep up to date with the latest developments in the quality sector

Since 2009, a dedicated skills centre has been regularly training and certifying employees in all aspects of quality. Customers can therefore be sure of the expertise of the consultants they work with. A methodology that also ensures that practices are consistent and that the methods chosen add value for businesses, while remaining in line with the latest advances in the industry.  

With fifteen years of experience in quality, ALTEN’s teams work with major industry players in various sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, ground transportation, energy, life sciences and others. With a presence in 25 countries and varied activities, quality represents approximately 10% of ALTEN’s turnover. 

Correcting – Monitoring – Forecasting – Transforming

Our expertise

Quality Management System (QMS)

To plan and formalise an efficient system

The aim of the QMS is to describe all of a company’s activities with a view to defining and standardising them and optimising its operating methods. Its main objective is to anticipate potential incidents and minimise their impact on the smooth running of the organisation.

It is linked to Quality control and must accurately reflect the activities carried out by the entire company. ALTEN deploys its expertise (ISO 9001) adapting to different sector needs.

Study of field processes

ALTEN is assisting one of its customers in comparing the written processes in the QMS with the reality of the processes carried out in the field. After a phase of studying and identifying good practices in the field, ALTEN set up a process observation system to ensure that the Quality Management System was up to date, consistent and always met standards.

Quality control

To ensure that processes are correctly applied, measure performance and suggest improvements

The concept of Quality control or monitoring is used to define methods and indicators for assessing the performance of a production system.

The aim is twofold: to check that the methods and processes are properly understood and applied, and to check the efficiency of the system. 

Checking the process and optimising Quality control

ALTEN is assisting one of its customers with the implementation of an automatic control system on a LOXIN machine, which monitors weak signals in the manufacturing process. In this way, ALTEN guarantees quality control without having to inspect every product created by this machine.

Managing non-compliance

To correct errors and find lasting solutions to problems

Whatever the type of production, it is necessary to avoid non-conformities and to ensure that improvements are made. To this end, ALTEN’s non-conformity management integrates elements of automated experience sharing and real-time evaluation of the non-conformity management process. These elements help our consultants and our customers to get the best out of the various causal analysis and action plan approaches.

Handling non-conformities

ALTEN is involved in handling non-conformities, root cause analysis and the overall reduction of non-conformity rates on industrial production systems. In particular, we work with leading players in the aerospace, rail and defence sectors on this expertise.

Quality transformation

To transform practices to refocus quality on added value

Within companies, quality is sometimes put in place to compensate for the shortcomings of other entities. Thanks to our expertise, we can transform reactive practices into proactive ones, resulting in better overall performance.

The strategic thrust of the transformation we are seeing with our customers is to adapt, digitalise and automate low added-value activities as far as possible. Our expertise covers all existing quality standards, as well as LEAN management methods.

Digitalising quality

For more than 5 years, we have been developing solid expertise in digitalising quality on a global scale. This is an activity that generates a large amount of data and information, which is difficult for companies to summarise easily. Our mission is to combine and study all this data, so that the company’s decision-makers have a clear vision. To do this, we use methodologies derived from data science and big data, coupled with a business vision, to generate optimisation and anticipation proposals for the quality sector.