ALTEN GROUP’S COMMITMENT: “meeting the needs and expectations of its interested parties”

ALTEN GROUP is committed to quality and excellence in all its activities.

Our goal is the fulfillment of legal, regulatory and interested parties requirements and their full satisfaction, providing solutions supported by the latest information technology with a competitive service of optimum quality at all times.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, activities and human resources, focusing our efforts on exceeding the expectations of our customers and interested parties and obtaining the full satisfaction of the people who make up the organization.

This quality policy is based on the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • To develop information systems, following all the phases of its life cycle, obtaining products with the minimum number of possible errors.
  • To carry out technical assistance and engineering consultancy collaborating with the R&D areas of large industrial companies, with the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • To carry out studies of engineering projects collaborating with the clients in the development of their projects with the maximum rigor and professionalism.
  • To offer services at the best price and the maximum profitability.
  • To maintain the clients
  • Avoid staff turnover as much as possible, maintaining a team of high level consultants.

To this end, this Quality Manual has been drawn up, describing the general provisions on Quality Management, which should serve as a guide for obtaining and monitoring the quality of our activities.

The Management fully supports, with the allocation of the necessary resources, the implementation of the guidelines of this Manual and the procedures and processes derived from it.