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ALTEN’s historical core business is Engineering and has been recognised for 35 years as a tier-one technological partner of major clients within the industry. Through its engineering activities, the ALTEN Group, with its 54,100 employees including 88% of high-level consulting engineers, provides solutions to its customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

ALTEN is your tier-one technological partner in Engineering

Engineering plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern world, driving innovation, and addressing complex challenges faced by humanity. Our innovation Labs in cutting-edge technology fields (e.g. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…), our global presence and global support in more than 30 countries, our human and technical organisation, the performance of our offshore structures and our excellent knowledge of our customers’ business environments make us the leading technological partner for key accounts in the industry.

Our Expertise in Engineering

System engineering
Mechanical engineering
Electrical and electronic engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Project management and PMO
Digital (functional, agile...)
Software development
Data Science
Telecom & Cloud Networks

« Engineers contribute to developing new technologies, to improve efficiency and processes. So, basically, to solve complex problems. Their expertise and vision are crucial for industries to adapt to changes in the market demands, remain competitive, and help us shape the future.»

Matilde Valido, Business Manager

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Mechanical Design EngineerLearn more

Technical support to the R&D team in the development o material handling equipment; production of part definition drawings and assembly drawings.

Our client is a global leading expert for automated material handling and storage systems with more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed successfully at major companies all over the world, with a worldwide presence, with offices in Porto, Madrid, Prague, Singapore and Mumbai.

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Embedded Software EngineeringLearn more

Our client is investing in new technologies for driving systems. As part of that portfolio of technologies is the Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) that increases the safety of motorcycle users and enhance the overall road experience. A central part of this system is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) that helps the rider to keep track of the various features installed on the bike as well as allow changing the driving settings.

As part of the ongoing project, this company required additional support in their HMI development, to integrate more features in the development cycle and support the team in other areas as well (issue fixing, requirements and assets integration).

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Digital trend

Digitalisation, often referred to the Industry 4.0, encompasses the integration of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

At ALTEN, we are working on Research Program about Industry 4.0. Our ambition is to combine human and artifical intelligence to increase industrial performance: “The factory of the future is not only a range of new technologies, but also a new way of working for the people who work there.” François Portier – Director of ALTEN “Smart Factory 4.0” Research Program

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Environmental & Sustainable trends

With the increasing awareness of environmental issues and the urgency to combat climate change, engineers are tasked with finding sustainable solutions that minimize harm to the planet and its resources. Engineers are developing sustainable materials and construction techniques for infrastructure projects, aiming to reduce the environmental impact while ensuring long-term durability and resilience.

At ALTEN we are notably working on a global and innovative strategy. The ambition is to optimise the environmental impact of internal IT services, to rely on Innovation Labs to develop the footprint measurement and eco-design solutions of tomorrow and to put the Group’s expertise at the service of its customers and the transition of the digital sector.

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