ALTEN carries out complex and technical projects throughout the product development chain for leading companies in various industries. We are a global company with local expertise, which enables us to take on our customers’ challenges, whether the assignment is for an overall commitment or for a specific stage in the development cycle. Our committed engineers work with the latest technology and are passionate about constantly developing new and innovative solutions that make a difference.​

Large customers from various sectors, such as automotive, telecommunications, industry, energy, aerospace and railways rely on ALTEN.


Service Areas


At ALTEN, we have generalists and experts in the entire development cycle. We are a partner to our customers throughout the entire process, from concept, development and design, project management to industrialization. Our team have broad knowledge from several industries which allows us to offer technical quality, innovative solutions with a high efficiency. We offer everything from on-site resource to full project engagements and have contributed to our clients’ success: both technically and profitably.

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Calculation & Simulation
  • Testing
  • Project Management

As technology becomes more advanced and embedded systems increase in complexity every day, there is a plethora of software languages, systems, technologies and solutions in which we offer excellence. IoT, real-time operating systems, application development, algorithms and digital design are just some of the areas we are skilled in at ALTEN Portugal. To maximise the benefits, we offer coaching and training in our areas of expertise and bring together expertise to generate ideas, build prototypes and test solutions that deliver powerful results. ALTEN’s technical breadth allows us to assemble cross-functional teams and take ideas from concept to reality.

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Project Management
  • Test & Verification
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

We improve manufacturing processes and reduce production and quality costs by providing smart solutions based on the best technologies and processes. We know what it takes to compete in the global marketplace. As a complete partner, we can take on assignments of varying sizes and in a variety of industry segments. For example, we help companies with innovative and smart supply chains, efficient production processes, sourcing and procurement of items, products and equipment. The whole flow is carried out with quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation in mind.

  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Quality​
  • Process Engineering
  • Automation

We are a partner to companies active in energy production, energy extraction and the process industry. Our expertise extends across the entire energy sector; generation of energy from renewable sources and nuclear power, distribution and efficiency of energy transmission and energy storage in the form of battery technology. For the process industry, we work on both investment and maintenance projects, quality analyses and the development of new equipment. All to ensure the efficient and intelligent production of our customers’ products.

  • Mechanical Construction
  • Process Engineering
  • Calculation and Simulation
  • Quality​
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Power Engineering

Development of safety workproducts according to the functional safety life cycle (Safety plan, Development Interface Agreement, Functional/Technical safety concept, Verification report, Safety case)

Monitoring the progress of functional safety activities during project development according to the ISO26262, ISO61508, ISO 25119, ISO 13849 life cycle.

  • FMEA
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • External Assessment
  • Cybersecurity
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) according to ISO21434

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Antonia Lopes, Engineering BM