Marina: “Make-up is a way to express”

Make-up marina

Marina AIRBUS Defence & Space Consultant.

Marina has been a consultant at ALTEN for AIRBUS for ten years now. “I started on July 27, 2010. Of the companies where I conducted interviews, ALTEN offered me better conditions and opportunities”. Since then, our partner has worked on different projects for this client, including Getafe, Illescas, and El Puerto de Santa María. Today, she shows us another different facet, and in which she has also demonstrated great talent: make-up.

Her love for the world of cosmetics began when she was very young while watching her mother perform her make-up routine. However, at that time, there were no platforms like YouTube where she could have access to more information, nor all the cosmetics that we have access to today, so she started making looks for her friends using just eyeliner pencil and lip gloss. Later, during the years she was living in Madrid, she joined the “Eme Make-Up” the make-up school to refine her technique and to learn many other things she still didn’t know: ” The most valuable thing I take from this school is, apart from the good treatment I received, how insistent they were with the protocol and psychology that you must have with those people who put themselves in our hands . Once I was back home, in Cádiz, our colleague continued her training thanks to different courses, specializing in social make-up.

I would say that make-up is a way to express, something to play with, to have fun with, not an obligation or a necessity. Although make-up can help emphasize what we like, it is not a substitute for self-esteem or beauty. The first thing we need is self-love, to feel good about ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are. Therein lies true beauty, far beyond the purely physical.” Besides, Marina also makes a commitment to animals in the use of cosmetics: ” I always use Cruelty-Free products and, as far as possible, they are suitable for vegans. From an animalist’s heart, I am very conscious of animal testing “.

Marina has made her passion for make-up known through her social networks, especially on Instagram and Facebook , where she quickly got better feedback. Besides, it was through YouTube that she discovered Martin Catalogne, a Peruvian make-up artist who is now one of her greatest idols and, without a doubt, one of her greatest inspirations. ” For now, I want to continue training with other professionals in the sector and, if I can and if I fit in, start introducing myself to characterization as well.”

Thank you, Marina, for bringing us closer to this booming world, of the “Make Up Artist” We are very much looking forward to the new looks you will design!

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