“Triathlon and Business Management is a game of endurance”

João Nogueira works as a Coach Business Manager at ALTEN Portugal and, if that wasn’t busy enough, he trains to compete in triathlon events in his spare time. In this interview he tells us how and why he does it and the similarities he has found between his profession and competition.

When and how did you get into triathlon?

I’ve started training for my first triathlon in 2020, after a few years solely running and, in order to avoid major injuries, decided to start swimming. After that, buying a bike was the logical step.

Due to COVID, the race was postponed to 2021, which gave me a little bit more time to train and prepare. I should add that being this active during the lockdown was essential to maintain a healthy mind, besides a healthy body.

What kind of triathlon do you compete in?

I’ve competed in the 2021 Half Ironman Cascais, nearby Lisbon. It was a great experience and while Cascais has some great views to appreciate during the race, I must confess I wasn’t too focused on that during the race…

Why triathlon and not another sport?

It’s combines 3 sports that develop different skills and avoid the “repetition fatigue” of only doing one sport. It’s also a very technical sport that pushes you to find your exact limits over time and over sport. When you’re racing for 6 hours straight, you need to develop a good sense of “effort management”.

What is your favourite discipline?

I love cycling – it allows you to explore some cool roads across Portugal. It’s the best blend of training + tourism that you’ll see in this 3 sports.

Which event have you enjoyed the most? Which has been the hardest?

So far, I’ve only competed in 1 race. However, I’m preparing a few shorter races for 2022, which could be fun!

Is being a triathlete similar to being a Business Manager?

There are 2 traits that both realities need at all times:

  1. Discipline and proper time management. The amount of things that you can do vary wildly on your capacity to design and stick to a plan, either in the way you manage your consultancy team or the way you manage your training schedule
  2. Patience and calm. Triathlon and Business Management is a game of endurance. Sprinting will leave you way too tired to bring yourself to the end of the race, so managing your efforts in an intelligent way will allow you not to decide emotionally. Being resilient will develop your endurance, allowing you to push forward when times are not that great and also enjoying when times are good!

What is your next challenge?

By 2024, I would like to do a full Ironman. However, the preparation for a 12h race is quite different from the ones I’m used to at the moment, so I will need a little bit more time to fully schedule and prepare that endeavor.

We trust and know that João will do great in his next competition. The whole ALTEN team will be supporting you. Good luck!