The passion of music as a “way to vent”

JOAO Portugal Producing music

João works as a Web Developer at ALTEN Portugal and his passion is producing music.

“I used to draw a lot when I was younger, and with that came an interest for image editing and digital painting, which later developed into my desire to pursue something related to the field of arts”

He changed his telecommunication studies to a degree in Multimedia, and about at that same time, he started producing music. After four years of learning how to produce music, he recognizes that “back then all I did had a very unnatural sound”, as every person who is starting in a new world, João learnt “everything from scratch”. Creating music is not an easy thing to do, maybe because of that he still feels like a beginner.  For him, producing music is not only a hobby.

How does a person find inspiration for such a creative passion? João, particularly, finds the inspiration he needs when is going through personal issues. Somehow, “it is a way to vent” for him, as for other musicians or artists. He also feels like that “it is good fun and a nice way to relieve stress”, so he produces for himself by now. However, that doesn’t mean that João doesn’t share his music “I’ve made some joke songs to laugh together with my group of friends”.

João not only creates music, but he also designs apps, so creativity is a must on his days, however, “good ideas are not always easy to come by”. He started creating an “item trading website for an online videogame” with a friend, experience he felt like learning. He likes to think that maybe that is what took him to where he is now. João has created different apps, but he can’t choose just one. That is not what happens if he had to choose between creating music or creating apps: “I would prefer music”. He doesn’t stop learning new things about composition: he started learning the guitar, and may “add some of those components, too”.

Our passions define us in some ways, and we try to spend our time on them. Unfortunately, not always is possible, João sees it as well “nowadays I haven’t spent too much time on it”. However, some of the compositions he has created until now are available here .

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Thanks for telling us your story. Good luck in all your projects, João!