“If you set your mind to it, everything is possible”


Our partner Miguel Ángel participated in the Amstel Gold Race wearing the colours of ALTEN. This race is held in Holland and is 240 km long. It is known as one of the classic spring tests, nicknamed “The fifth monument of the Ardennes”. We invite you to meet him and see that everything is possible.

Miguel Ángel started cycling when he was 24 years old, after quitting athletics. Having a good schedule of time, training and following a proper diet are the key points to get to the race in the best physical shape possible. Although you can observe a great competitive level in this event, “the position is not so important, despite the higher your position is in the time table, the more satisfaction it generates, especially if you do not know if the test fits your characteristics. There is a feeling of satisfaction” confirms our partner.

In addition, for Miguel Ángel sport is very important, as it directly influences his health. Many people may think these races can be harmful, But, actually, these activities help him with his allergies and asthma problems, “another way to see it, If you set your mind to it, everything is possible “.

After this competition, Miguel will deal with the 10,000 of the Soplao, known as “the Cantabrian hell”, a competition in which he already proved himself 7 times… This is a cycling test in MTB or road mode. The test consists of 228 km and an accumulated unevenness of 4,500 m. This test is famous for the extremely tough weather, “only a few times I have competed without rain, fog or even snow, in the months of May or June.” Good luck Miguel Ángel!

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