Humans@ALTEN: Vanessa



Life Sciences Consultant

Vanessa works at ALTEN Portugal as a Life Sciences Consultant. She is from a small village in Ourém, Portugal, where she grew up “with simplicity and without the disadvantages of living in a big city”.

She studied pharmaceutical sciences , but she “didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be”. She had the certainty that she loved chemistry, biology and mathematics. Finally, she decided to “try different areas, such as industry or investigation”. When she chose this professional path, Vanessa applied to Pharmaceutical Sciences. The fact that she moved out of her comfort zone living abroad helped her a lot to see what she was capable of. Once she finished her studies she worked as a quality assurance technician in a pharmaceutical company.

Regarding her current job at ALTEN, Vanessa is working on a project in Nuremberg , Germany, with two other Portuguese colleagues from ALTEN. Her main role is to review batch records at the quality assurance department. She likes working there, “ everyone is really helpful and easy-going ” which one of the most important things in a job according to Vanessa, “the ability to help each other and honesty”. For her, at ALTEN there are “more opportunities to know new realities and different companies”. Therefore, she thinks that working at ALTEN is a challenge worthwhile.

Vanessa spends her days off reading books, watching a movie and “enjoying the company of my family or friends”. Sometimes, she wonders what she would have done if she hadn’t studied pharmaceutical sciences, which takes her to the idea of maths “I am good at looking into detail and logical thinking”. However, Vanessa is “ really happy with my choice ” and she hopes to learn as much as possible at ALTEN at the same time she gives her best working for the company.

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