Humans@ALTEN: Sandra


Life Sciences Consultant

I’m a biotechnologist with a master’s degree in quality control and food toxicology. I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Quality Control Analyst. I am an optimist and motivated person, always looking for new challenges.

Vocation is not always clear since we are youth, but sometimes it appears and makes it easier to choose a degree. Sandra thinks that choosing her studies was “an easy decision”, she always loved sciences. So is that she can’t figure herself “in any other subject”.

Sandra is part of the Life Sciences Department, which seems perfect for her, working on a software implementation. Her project consists of a software that “will replace paper documents with digital ones”. The team she works with is very important for her, as “ the work environment is key in our success” . Knowing that, she values the company because “ the work environment at ALTEN seems to be very good ”. Sandra, indeed, thought that her job was “very organized” and with an open arms work team.

Sometimes is difficult to look ahead and wonder what we want in the future, just in case we asked Sandra if she knew. In a short time, she wants to grow professionally and personally and “to improve my skills and gain experience”. The fact of gaining experience “and the chance to learn, grow and work in a big company ” is what she finds at ALTEN.

Regarding technology , as she works close to it, she thinks that is key to success and “companies must be able to use it to improve people’s life ”. In this way, to talk about the future of Artificial Intelligence is welcomed. Sandra says that AI “will control and manage factories and all sort of technological equipment”. However, she adds that AI will be “handled by a person”, otherwise it may end up overtaking humanity itself.

Who is Sandra outside ALTEN? She sees herself as an “ ambitious, result-oriented and curious person ”. Someone who always “try to overcome difficulties”. Whenever she has free time, she likes to travel and discover new places with friends and family, as well as, just enjoying going for a walk with them.

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