Humans@ALTEN: Joana

validation engineer

Joana, Validation Engineer

I studied Chemical and Biological Engineering and got a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Joanna is a Validation Engineer at ALTEN, she works in a project where she does “documentation for production equipment”. She works in a team which is “always ready to help” and she found that an ALTEN’s colleague is working in the project, too. Joanna thinks that working at ALTEN lets workers learn a lot and “see the operation of different customers”. For her, ALTEN is a great company where she was “well-received” and made a good impression on her.

Sometimes, choosing a degree or a professional path is not that easy as not everyone has a vocation. Joanna was fascinated about chemical engineering but looking behind she may “have taken the Mechanical Engineering course in the degree instead of Chemical Engineering”.

To know more about her, she says that she likes reading, listening to music, watching tv-series and exercise, “mainly training kickboxing and walking”. When she enjoys a day-off, she also likes to visit her family and friends. As Joanna sees herself, her greatest strengths are that she is “committed, hardworking, dedicated, a good listener and ready improve”. For sure she is! Those adjectives match with her idea of which she values in a job, but she also adds “punctuality, assiduity and the desire to do more and better every day”. Joanna thinks that s all workers at ALTEN have those qualities, “only then will have the best professionals”.

Looking ahead is difficult sometimes, as we don’t know how future is going to change. However, Joanna does know two goals to achieve in a short time: “learning more and improving professionally”. Focusing on the present, we asked her about the main technological challenge of nowadays, which she thinks is “keeping our data’s privacy”.

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