Humans@ALTEN: Pedro

Pedro_Quality Assurance

Pedro, Quality Assurance consultant.

When I finished university, I worked for one year in the oil industry, at the same time as in proofreading services. Then, I followed a different path, and fortunately, the one that I wished. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for three years.

Pedro was born in Lisbon and studied a master’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. He started his job at ALTEN this year, it consists of providing consulting services in the pharmaceutical industry at a German company . Pedro works at Quality Assurance Department reviewing batch records, to release products to the market. He knew about ALTEN a few years ago through some friend who worked at the company, and he says, “ They gave me positive feedback ”. When the opportunity appeared for Pedro and the project interested him, he took the opportunity to join ALTEN.

What could be the most valuable thing in a job ? It’s indeed important to like what you do, but there is more to consider. Pedro likes having good colleagues and good persons in the office, “it is a plus because it helps me to create bonds , and that is crucial because we spend a great part of the day at work”. As we all spend many hours at work, we can learn from ourselves how we are and how we act in determined times. Pedro considers himself a confident person, “I can remain calm and stay focused even in stressed moments” he also trusts in his qualities to achieve what is supposed .

Working at a technological company means that there will be challenges . When we asked him about which is the main technological challenge nowadays in his opinion he said, “ to stay one step ahead of what is asked to you ”. Wise words in a world that is changing every second. Pedro wants to keep growing in his area of specialization and “find new challenges every day”, but he also wishes the difficult current situation globally would be stopped.

When Pedro is not at work, he loves spending his free time with friends, as he says he is “ a very sociable person ”. Some of his hobbies – apart of meeting friends – are discovering new places or revisiting old ones, which is great to see things that one has not seen before. Whenever he has free time, he also reads and plays football , surely, he knows how to be entertained.

Thank you, Pedro, for telling us your story!

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