Humans@ALTEN: André

André Developer

André, Junior Developer

I want to learn as much as I can with this new project. In ALTEN I hope to upgrade my career level and I hope that my rewards could accomplish my desires.

André is 24 years old and he comes from Porto. He studied a Computer Science’s Degree at ISEP . Despite his young age, André counts on experience workings in projects in the telecommunication area, specifically with Java and JavaScript. He started his job at ALTEN in March. André’s role as a Developer consists of making a portal to let people buy some equipment’s and then manage them. His job as a Developer is important for him, and that’s why he values a good environment in any project team and the will to have a healthy relationship with colleagues. He treasures teamwork and “teammates that like to help each other and are always ready to learn ”, this working way helps him to transmit his knowledges but also to learn from others .

The project André is working on now makes him think that choosing ALTEN was a good choice . As he says, he “wanted a new challenge ” and from all the information he could find about the company and the feedback he had, he decided to continue his professional path at ALTEN. Talking about challenges, André thinks that to be always on the verge of new updates is difficult technological defiance nowadays. Is not a crazy thing since this area is changing constantly, “ we always have to learn new things ”.

As he has told, he likes the teamwork both inside and outside the office : he loves playing football, a sport where the team is like a family. Besides, André describes himself as someone “who is always looking for learning new things”. In order to meet him more, he recognizes that in a day-off he would like to see series and movies that he hasn’t watched yet. However, whenever is sunny and possible, he also likes to “enjoy the sun and try to take a walk near the beach”. André also loves travelling and hanging out with his friends.

Finally, André knows what he wants in a short time, “ I want to learn as much as possible with this new project ”. Now that he is working at ALTEN, he hopes to upgrade his career level and has one wish, “I hope my rewards could accomplish my desires”.  He is at the beginning of his professional path, so he has time to adapt to new projects and learn from every one of them, as he has said, he is a “fast learner”. Besides, André will share all his experiences with his teammates.

You will do great, André! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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