Humans@ALTEN: Arthur

Arthur_likes teamwork

Meet Arthur,

Junior Life Sciences Consultant.

In school, I discovered chemistry and then, when the time came it was easy to choose the chemical engineering degree

Arthur is from Brazil, but he has been living in Portugal for twelve years. He studied a degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, he thinks “it was easy to choose” his grade.  He always “ loved to learn how everything was made ” and that gave him a clue. Arthur started to find his vocation when he studied chemistry in the school, but what if he wouldn’t choose his degree? He thinks that he would have studied “management or business”. Currently, Arthur works in our Life Sciences area in a project in validation and qualification of automation systems. He decided to choose ALTEN because “ it is the leader in engineering consulting ”, also it let him “grow as an engineer” and enjoy teamwork.

Team-mates are very important, sometimes the work environment is key in our success as professionals in a project. Arthur says that he works in a team “experienced in the area” and his colleagues are “always ready to help ”. According to the ALTEN workers, he thinks that “everyone and everything seems very organized”, and ALTEN shows “ everything I was looking for ”. What Arthur values the most at any work, is “to be challenged to do better and to improve” also, to learn and good teamwork.

However, not everything has to do with his job! Arthur says that he likes to discover new places and meet new people. Indeed, he would like to find a new beach or mountain he has never been to. According to this, one of his next goals is to travel to Asia ! Arthur defines his greatest strengths as “communicative and curious”, maybe therefore he loves teamwork and discovering new places.

In this era, technology accompanies us wherever we go. Arthur thinks that the main challenge we must face now is to keep technology accessible to everyone. Technology is getting “more complex” and it is a truly dare to keep people updated to it and to maintain the technology as “friendly” for every user. In this line of technology, we asked him about Artificial Intelligence and what he thinks. As Arthur sees it “AI will control and manage factories and all kind of technological equipment”. Nevertheless, he still thinks that AI will be handled by a person.

Thank you, Arthur!

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