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Consultant at ALTEN Portugal

Meet Bruno, he is from Aveiro and studied a master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. He thinks that “the jobs that are easy and affordable to automate are at risk” because of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Bruno chose his degree “to fulfil my curiosity about how technology is created” and because his degree has many job opportunities. Regarding his life out of work, he likes playing football and training at the gym. Besides, he loves to spend his days-off at the beach and defines his greatest strength as “ work ethic and perseverance ”.

He thought that ALTEN was “the most trustworthy company ” while he was searching for a new job, so he applied and now works at the group. Bruno works as a consultant, specifically, as a V&V Engineer in Software QA projects for the automotive sector. From the very beginning working at ALTEN, he felt that “everybody is very professional”. Bruno also says that his teammates are “very pleasant and nice”. This healthy environment at work is something very important, but what he values the most is a good “ balance between private life and work and team spirit ”. As Bruno sees it, at ALTEN he found both values.

Bruno can say that his work is also vocational, as he would have chosen a degree like his “computer science and informatics engineering”. When speaking of his job, his goal is to have more “knowledge of the Python programming language”. In addition, he feels that the human part is very important, so he would like to “ become an important member of my team ”.

Nowadays there are many high-tech challenges, as technology is wherever we go. Bruno thinks that handling artificial intelligence (AI) is an important test. He thinks that “ the jobs that are easy and affordable to automate are at risk ” because of AI. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as “future jobs will demand more and more brainpower”, humans already live with technology. Nevertheless, Bruno adds that “it can be a good thing if the right political measures are taken”, can technology and AI be against us? He thinks that the more we automate, “the more time we should have to enjoy life and be humans ”.

What are your thoughts about Artificial Intelligence? Thank you, Bruno!

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