Humans of ALTEN: André

Humans of ALTEN - André

Meet André, he works as Quality Control at ALTEN. He chose our Company because of our growth opportunities as a professional.

What is your job in the Company?

At the moment, I am reviewing method validations.


I choose ALTEN because it is a multinational company. At ALTEN, you can have both a wide range of areas of expertise and opportunities to evolve professionally.

What do you expect from ALTEN?

At the moment, my goal is to gain experience in the functions assigned to me. After having many years of experience in the area, I would like to be an auditor.

Three positive aspects of ALTEN Group are:

At ALTEN people are very helpful and always ready to help.

Moreover, you are given the opportunity to delve into different areas.

Finally, despite it is a multinational company and it is big, here there is a great companionship among colleagues, I see a huge complicity and sense of help.

André, would you recommend the Company to a friend of yours? Why?

I would recommend ALTEN because here we have the opportunity to learn and evolve professionally.


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