Humans@ALTEN: Cláudio


Meet Cláudio, he is a Life Sciences Consultant. He started working at ALTEN Portugal one month ago, but he can say already that here he can focus on his career.

My name is Cláudio, I’m Portuguese. I have experience as a Mechanical Engineer, Management and in IT field.

What is your role at ALTEN?

I started my job at ALTEN last month. I am currently working on a project for a database update as a Mechanical Engineer.

Why did you choose our company to work?

ALTEN is a very renowned company, that is also focused on Engineering, which is my main career objective.

What do you think is the most important technological challenge nowadays?

Nowadays, I think the most important challenge a Company should have is to implement the “Internet of things” mindset and infrastructures.

What are the things you value the most at work?

The environment, a challenging project and a good work-life balance

What are your greatest strengths?

I would say patience and perseverance.

Tell us more about you, Cláudio. Do you have any hobbies or talents?

I like to travel and to try new food from different countries.

How would you enjoy a day-off?

Probably just relaxing at home or go to the cinema with my girlfriend.

What goals do you want to achieve in a short time?

I would like to strengthen my career as an Engineer. Moreover, I would like to work abroad for a while, if possible.

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