Humans of ALTEN: André

André - water polo - humans - hobbies

André works at ALTEN Portugal as a Life Sciences Consultant, but he does much more than that! Know everything about him and how he schedule his time so well that he is able to plays a as water polo goalkeeper and to do, at least, three more hobbies!

Introduce yourself with your own words:

I completed the MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy, at Técnico (IST).

Before ALTEN, I worked as a consultant for a biomedical company, giving my support to an industrial project management. After that, the client directly hired me to assist Quality, Maintenance and Production departments in the validation and qualification of a new and customized production line. That one was the project in which I worked as a consultant.


When did you start working at ALTEN? What is your role? Please, explain what it consists on…

I started working at ALTEN this month. I have been selected to work in a project for the qualification of industrial and laboratorial equipment. Basically, qualification consists in a set of verifications and tests that we need to perform to assure that the equipment is correct. In other words, it needs to comply with all supplier/costumer requirements and health & safety regulations. In addition, all plans for that equipment should be created for their approval, followed by place it into production.


Why did you choose ALTEN?

I choose ALTEN because it is involved in many business areas, working with big companies and attending some of the cutting-edge technologies of our time. With ALTEN I hope to be part of the technologies’ history, facing to different challenges every day.


 What do you think is the most important technological challenge nowadays?

Talking about challenges, I can say with certainty that, nowadays, two of the most critical technological challenges are the energetic revolution (the need for alternative and self-sustained sources of energy) and the environmental concern (developing new ways to reuse materials and reviewing the concept of recycling).


What are the things you value the most at work?

I especially value the client satisfaction at the end of a service, process or project. Day to day, I value a good team relationship and the feeling of work accomplished at the end of each day.


What are your greatest strengths?

I consider myself a very focused worker, objective and disciplined. I like challenges because I love thinking and solving them, spending time studying about different and new approaches. Most of all, I like the team work involved in troubleshooting or finding solutions, since I can take a bit of everyone´s knowledge and transform it if needed, in order to achieve excellence.


Tell us more about you. Do you have any hobbies or talents?

Playing federated water polo is my escape from all these issues. I am the goalkeeper, the eternal guard of my team. Besides that, I love BTT (Bikepacking is a recent passion), bodyboard, climbing and play the guitar. Many hobbies!

Frequently, I like to involve friends and/or family to enjoy nature, doing sports or chilling, having dinner, spending the night playing board games, or just talking and listening to music (chilling by the sea) or watching movies.


How would you enjoy a day-off?

My day-off generally, and unfortunately, do not meet all the requirements above. But, many times, meet one or two of those hobbies.


What goals do you want to achieve in a short time?

In a short time, as well as in a long term, my goal is to learn and keep learning as much as I can. Also, I would like to specialize myself as much as possible, to grow and increase my skills, in order to become a flexible and reliable professional, regardless the area or the industry.

I hope to achieve all of this at ALTEN!



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