Humans@ALTEN: Duarte

Humans of ALTEN - Duarte

Meet Duarte, he has been working at ALTEN since November 2019 but he already knows that he chose our company to work at because of the challenging project he is doing.

  I’m Duarte, I have experience doing an internship in the stability department of the Analytical Research Team, Chemical analyst in the Quality Control Department in other companies. I can say that I am a Chemical Engineer, with experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in the Quality Control of raw material and finished product. I’m an optimist, always motivated and a persevering person.

What is your role at ALTEN?

My first day at ALTEN was November 25 th , 2019 near a month ago. I am part of the Life Sciences Department. I work in the ELN’s (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) Team. The main objective of this team is to implement the ELN’s in all departments (Microbiology, Stability, and Quality Control).

Why did you choose our company to work?

I chose ALTEN for the importance and challenge of the project I am working at.

What do you think is the most important technological challenge nowadays?

Information security. Mainly, the management and privacy of data.

What are the things you value the most at work?

I think it would be a good working environment, great leadership and good resources in order to do a good job.

What are your greatest strengths?

Thinking in a professional way, they would be teamwork, responsibility and result oriented.

Tell us more about you. Do you have any hobbies or talents?

I really like travelling and discovering new places.

How would you enjoy a day-off?

I love to go out for walks, especially with my dog.

What goals do you want to achieve in a short time?

My goals are growing both personally and professionally in this new project I am working at the moment at ALTEN.

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