Humans@ALTEN: Pedro

Pedro Embedded Engineer

Meet Pedro, he works as an Embedded SW Engineer at ALTEN Portugal. One of his goals is to reach a good experience in the field he is working in, which he can do at the company. Welcome Home, Pedro!

I am Pedro, and I come from Braga, Portugal. I am graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I started my experience as a worker, as everyone starts, doing an internship at AddVolt.

What is your role at ALTEN?

I started working at ALTEN in February as an Embedded SW Engineer.

Why did you choose our company to work?

I thought working at ALTEN is a good opportunity to learn more and grow as an SW Engineer.

What do you think is the most important technological challenge nowadays?

I think it could be the role technology is playing on Climate Change and Online Privacy.

What are the things you value the most at work?

Having a good relationship with everybody, and, when possible, achieving new goals as a team.

What are your greatest strengths?

I think my greatest strengths are critical thinking and the will to learn.

Tell us more about you. Do you have any hobbies or talents as of your proper job as an Embedded SW Engineer?

My passions are Football, Fashion and Music.

How would you enjoy a day-off?

I like to spend my time relaxing, sometimes with friends but also taking time for myself. I also like going to the beach, I could say I am a chill person.

Pedro, what goals do you want to achieve in a short time?

I would like to reach a good experience in the field I’m working in.

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